Digital Life Story Work makes use of young people’s affinity with digital technologies. Using a strength-based approach, undertaking Digital Life Story Work helps to create opportunities for young people to feel supported make sense of their identity and relationships. The importance of understanding who we are and where we come from is not only a part of the National Minimum Standards for Residential homes, Adoption and Fostering services and NICE Quality Statement 4, but also an integral part of everyday life. To find out more about how we support organisations to fulfil these essential elements of care click here.





Digital Life Story Work recognises that how people view relationships change. The digital nature of the technologies used provide flexible ways to talk about, and reflect upon, how relationships and identities change overtime. They are also highly valued by many young people and offer a way for carers to see the world through young peoples’ eyes. The use of technologies can help young people create a sense of mastery and ownership over the process and their stories. In this way, we encourage professionals to integrate digital technologies into conventional Life Story Work frameworks, but also to reflect upon limitations of traditional approaches. Importantly, the compassion of those workers involved remains key. To find out more about the research programme behind Digital Life Story Work click here.


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